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one part cynic to two parts cheer

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4/2/09 04:19 pm


It's not that I don't care or can't be bothered. It's the fact that if someone bothers to leave a voicemail, it's usually falls into the 'bad/mediocre news' category.

2/26/09 10:53 am - Well Duh

"I was still discovering all sorts of terrible new truths, like how parties without drinking were really just a lot of people standing in the same room and like how movies I once found funny were often riddled with stilted language and bad dirty jokes."

As the girl who goes to the party and walks around with the same drink all night, this is slightly amusing. But the author's revelations about life outside of an alcohol-infused bubble aren't really surprising. No mention of the small fortune she probably saved by not buying that much booze on a constant basis though, you'd think that would warrant some attention. It certainly does with smokers, and booze usually ends up being much more expensive.

2/25/09 02:03 pm

I had an orange and it was wonderful - until it was gone, but that's besides the point. It's the small things that matter. (That is in no way an advocacy to micromanage your life to death) Simple things like enjoying how a blanket feels when you're snuggled under it, or the taste of an orange, or, as much as I can't make myself appreciate it now, snow. Don't ignore the big picture, but don't waste too much time thinking about it either.

7/30/08 09:57 pm

Why am I watching a show that I know is just going to frustrate me?

7/25/08 02:23 pm

Last full day at the beach. It'll be nice to get home and it won't, but that's the way it goes with a lot of vacations I guess.

7/7/08 12:40 pm

I spent somewhere around a total of fifteen extra hours in the printlab (rough guess) in four days on top of about ten hours of class time (I've grown to be very fond of that lab, which is surprising since before this class I'd been a tiny bit intimidated if just because I'd never been in there.) But I got an A!

I feel like cackling manically, but then I still think I'm catching up on my sleep.

6/9/08 03:56 pm

The only bad part about coming to printmaking early is that by three fifths of the way through the class I've gotten what I wanted done and I have absolutely no inclination/inspiration to work on what I should be doing next.

But then even if I had done the drawing for the aquatint we're starting I'd still be sitting here because I'm waiting on my plate coats to dry. -_-;

I'd rather be shopping - I'm dreaming of summer clothes and I think my budget will allow it...And that's not normal for me. But my current uniform of jeans and t-shirts are too hot ;p

6/4/08 11:40 am

Is it horrible that I'm scared/intimidated enough of all the various strange looking machines in the rec center that I walk slow out of the rec so I can sneak glances at other people working out to figure out how it works?

6/3/08 08:08 am

Again clearly I don't do well at journaling, blogging or whatever you want to call it. Real life is enough of a distraction that any particular thought worthy of typing out here gets shoved into the back of my head before I can get it down.

Drat it, forgot my lunch >:p

4/23/08 11:56 am - Spring at Youngstown State

Despite the fact that it's bitterly cold and gray during the winter months, come spring and summer Youngstown has one of the prettiest campuses that I've ever been to. Right now everything is green and flowering and looks pretty amazing. That's mostly because back in the day, the university had an amazing grounds keeping crew and donors who put out a lot of money for landscaping and for benches to be put in little garden niches so that you could sit and enjoy it. It's fallen into some disrepair but groups on campus are trying to keep it nice. Days like this make me glad I choose to go here (well more than I usually am.)

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